“You are in my opinion one of the few marketing companies that deliver what you say you're going to deliver. In 52 years in practice, I've been through a lot of them. ” - Dr. Minksy
Dr. Tymothy Flory, DC
Atlas Brain & Spine
“The consistent leads have been a blessing through the Covid-19 pandemic - Not only have we kept open. We have actually grown. ”
- Dr. Flory
Dr. Eric Narrell, DC
Restore Health Center
“Right off the bat, what I noticed immediately was the volume of the leads but also the management of those leads. Our show-up rate went up because of the training they did with my staff.” - Dr. Narrell
Dr. Kim Tran, DC
Minnesota Family Chiropractic
“July [2020] was my most profitable month since opening. We're actually hiring another person because we have grown so much with
The Customer Factory.  ” - Dr. Tran
Dr. Shane Kokoszka, DC
Health Restoration Inc.
“The next thing I know I'm getting leads through my email, phone calls from potential clientele for care, and the constant updates and communication with the Customer Factory has been the key. - Dr. Kokoszka
Dr. Matt Chenault, DC
Greenville Rehab & Pain Clinic
“I've been with the Customer Factory for two years and my new patients have gone up consistently.
- Dr. Chenault
Dr. David Morris, DC
Magnolia Medical Center
"I'll walk in on a Monday morning and there will be numbers of emails, numbers of calls, and we will have people to call back... that are looking for a solution to their problem."   - Dr. Morris
Dr. Greg Palkowski, DC
First Team Medical Clinics
“The ads are top notch. The Customer Factory has increased our overall sales by about
$20,000 - $25,000 a month.
- Dr. Palkowski
Dr. Naota Hashimoto, DC
Hashimoto Chiropractic
“Worth every penny - The Customer Factory got my practice 80-100 leads per month.
I highly recommend them. 
- Dr. Hashimoto
Georgette Braadt
Cedar Crest Chiropractic
“They understand chiropractic. Since we started we have definitely seen an increase in the number of new patients coming into the office ”
- Georgette Braadt for Dr. Paul Braadt