“You are in my opinion one of the few marketing companies that deliver what you say you're going to deliver. In 52 years in practice, I've been through a lot of them. ” - Dr. Minksy
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Guide to Marketing Your Practice on Facebook

John Nesbit's guide on everything a chiropractor needs to know about marketing their practice on Facebook. 

Written from years of testing and analysis this executive summary, will show you 16 vital rules your practice cannot miss when it comes to having a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

Ads That Attract in New Patients

John has compiled 30 examples of the best running ads for chiropractors and medically integrated practices, each of which has been thoroughly tested by our very own clients.

This guide is a great example of how to write Facebook ads for your practice that really do work for bringing in new patients.

Call Script for Your Front Desk That Works

The exact script that John gives to our marketing clients that WORKS to bring new patients.


Precisely based on the successful actions of the TOP new patient schedulers from around the country on handling new patients. These people get 70 to 80% show rates (at least) after speaking to completely brand-new people calling in to offices.


What Chiropractors Can't Say on Facebook

Facebook is picky about what can and can't be said when it comes to marketing your Chiropractic practice.


That's why John compiled this list of all the pitfalls and how to alternatively get your message across to the people who need your care without all the increased Facebook charges and wasted ad spend. This data is vital for any Chiropractor currently marketing on Facebook.

A Better Practice Takes Really Good Staff

You can't build your empire and truly change healthcare in your corner of the world without an upbeat, on-fire staff.

John asked our top producing clients what it takes to get really great staff and in this guide; Dr. Prescott, Dr. Lambert, Dr. Pearson and Dr. Woodside, share the key ingredients to staffing that have helped them build practices that collect $10's of millions per year.

How to Become a Local Health Authority

What do Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Axe all have in common?


They have a brand, a message and a lot of people who trust them and look to them for advice and guidance. We call this “Brand Authority” and its a very, very profitable thing to develop for yourself.  

In this guide John goes over exactly how to use social media to build your brand.

Discover The Systems to Build Practice Prosperity

Too often doctors get bogged down in their practices. As the work piles up, the hours get longer, weekends get filled with “work” and finally, exhausted on Sunday nights, you find yourself  dreading going back into the office to do it all again for a new week.

It's time to stop grinding and start building. In this guide John goes over how putting systems in place in your practice can get you on the road to sucess.

Is Your Marketing Company Helping You Grow

Ever wonder what your marketing company is actually doing for you?

If you have been burned by a marketing company in the past, download this quick 10 question checklist by John Nesbit to protect your company from making the same mistake twice.

The Exact Tips to End New Patient No Shows

Get your lasso out! Here is how the best cowgirls and cowboys wrangle in new patients.

In this PDF John goes over the 23 Laws that your staff should be following when scheduling and appointing new patients.

How To Get More Google Reviews

Need some ideas on how to get more people writing reviews?

In this free download, John goes over 3 fresh ideas to get more Google reviews for your chiropractic practice (& higher Google Search rankings). The information contained in these guides is created from years of testing with hundreds of Chiropractic and Medically Integrated Chiropractic practices.

Top 5 Regenerative Medicine Ads For 2020

Need some ads to run for your regen program?

Pure and simple these are examples of the best producing regenerative medicine ads that we used for our own clients in 2020. 

DECOMP 2021 Image.png
Top 5 Decompression Ads For 2021

How about Decompression ads?

Pure and simple these are examples of the best producing decompression ads that we used for our own clients.

Free to you, to help boom your practice in 2021.

Top 3 Laser Treatment Ads For 2020

Does your office offer laser treatments and you need ads to run?

Pure and simple these are examples of the best-producing laser treatment that we used for our own clients in 2020. 

Top 5 Knee Ads For 2020

Does your office specialize in knee pain?

Pure and simple these are examples of the best producing knee pain ads that we used for our own clients in 2020. 

Top 5 Sciatica Ads For 2020

Slightly different than the decompression ads, these focus on sciatica without the need for a decompression table.

Pure and simple these are examples of the best-producing sciatica ads that we used for our own clients in 2020. 

New Neuro 2021.png
Top 5 Neuropathy Ads For 2021

Want to see what ads got the most neuropathy patients in?

Pure and simple these are examples of the best-producing neuropathy ads that we used for our own clients in 2020. 

Marketing Challenges For Medically Integrated Practices

Medically integrated practices represent the future of healthcare.

However, marketing for an integrated medical practice is very different than marketing for a regular chiropractic office. in this guide, John goes over the differences and how you can use medically integrating your practice to help more people find care than ever before.

Closing Tips Cheatsheet

Have problems closing new patients for their care?

In this guide, John talks with some of our top producing clients and master closers on what it takes to really take a person from potential new patient to full treatment plan purchasers. The answers may surprise you...

The Ultimate Texting Guide For Scheduling Patients 2020

How do text messages fit in for reaching new patients?

And more importantly, what do you say?

In this guide, John offers advice on how to best utilize texting to really reach your new leads and inquiries and even provides some sample text messages our successful clients use themselves.

Top 5 Event Ads For 2020

Running events without proper promotion can leave you talking to an empty room.

Here are the best producing event ads we ran for our clients in 2020. 

Practice Crisis Survival Guide

COVID-19 was a setback for many practices.

Your patients rely on you for their health and well being. How does one make it so that you are always prepared for emergencies and any future disasters and still be there to help the people who need you?

In this guide, John offers 7 tips on staying a float in a crisis.

Telehealth Services

Where would you begin if you wanted to offer telehealth services to your patients?

This quick guide by John Nesbit, give you applicable links you will need to get your practice being able to deliver screenings and initial consults via the internet.