“Right off the bat, what I noticed immediately was the volume of the leads but also the management of those leads. Our show-up rate went up because of the training they did with my staff.
- Dr. Narrell
The Origins of 
The Customer Factory

I Have a Team Of Highly-Trained People Who Know How To  Get Things Done for Your Practice.

Hiring only 1 in 80 job applicants meet the basic standards I set.

Every Member of Our Staff Meets and Exceedes Those Standards

  • IQ 

  • Personality (must be honest and service-oriented)

  • Aptitude (must have the ability to observe and follow directions)

  • Literacy (fast study skills)

  • Technical skill for the position

  • Affability (are they a "people person")

  • Criminal background checks

  • Reference checks (yes, we check them)

  • Past production history

  • Drug-testing

Training. Training. Training. We build team member competence starting early - and it never stops.

Once hired, staff apprentice while we train them on several hundred pages of internal management procedures and successful policies.

They each take a course in organizational productivity. (The only passing grade is 100%.)

Next, they learn HIPAA and online data security so as to protect our clients.

Then, they are trained as a specialist in their position in my Staff Training Academy using proprietary materials.


Those who will be doing technical delivery are trained in an additional separate set of guides and top-secret materials that detail exactly how we manage to get such consistent results for our clients.

Finally, we continue to advance their training to keep skills sharp and up-to-date.

The training never stops, so we never stop improving.

Meet Your Executive & Administrative Team

Rosaura Nesbit

Executive Vice President

For Administration

John's wife of 24 years and a veteran administrator with a background in finance. 

Merle Stepler

Executive Vice President

For Operations

He is an accomplished administrator with a degree in Analytical Mathematics, high-level training in data evaluation and all aspects of organizational operations. 

Priscilla McPhaul

Vice President

For Human Resources

She has 30 years of successful experience in Human Resources and has earned special recognition working in some of the most demanding organizations in the world. 

Tom Davis

Vice President

For Accounts

Finance expert with 20+ years of experience in growing solvent organizations by maximizing revenue.

Johnny Nesbit

Vice President

For Technical Delivery

John's son. Marketing expert who oversees hundreds of thousands of dollars in successful paid online campaigns per month.

Anthony Klarich

Director For

Research & Development 

Always looking at the horizon and the next big thing, his research is what allows us to provide new and exciting services to our clients.

Polina Westcott

Vice President

For Marketing

The incontestable master of our in-house publications. Polina's influence and experience can be felt in every new release we offer to help build your practice.

Suzanne Gibbins

Campaign Manager

Team Lead

Graduate of our Staff Academy as a fully trained Campaign Manger, she has helped clients achieve their goals of building their million-dollar practices. 

Kevin Nelson

Business Development Specialist

A highly trained and excellent new addition to our staff, Kevin excels in getting your ads working exactly as intended.

Michelle Hernandez

Production Assistant

Her precision and attention to detail keeps client campaigns running at their peak performance.

Judith Dignadice

Deputy Production Assistant

Specializes in beating production deadlines and providing support that exceeds expectations. 

Jan Morgan

Client Services &

HIPAA Compliance Officer

Fully qualified and trained HIPAA expert with decades of experience working in the medical field. 

Production Assistant

Alex Nesbit

Distribution &

Ad Engagement Specialist

Video production expert, web developer and content distribution specialist. He knows how to pull the levers of the internet to get any message heard.

Michaela Nesbit

President's Assistant

President's Assistant and experienced in the field of communication.

Harry Schmiedeke

Campaign Manager

Monitors clients' ad campaigns with care and attention.

Sylvia Nagy

Campaign Manager

Knows exactly what's needed to get qualified patients through the door.

Jabrelle Crawford

Campaign Manager

Creates ad campaigns that get clicks, sign-ups, and qualified new patients.

Justice Steers

Creative Director

In charge of perfecting client's wishes in the field of arts and design.

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We're ready to help you, Doc!

But It's Not Only Me... 

Meet Your Service Delivery Team