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"Scheduled For You" Doesn't Work

Why The Newest Fad in New Patient Marketing Can Cost You New Patients

I get it doc, the idea that new patients are going to magically walk in the door without lifting a finger is appealing. Especially if you're a busy Chiropractor, You want to keep your attention on the care of the patients in front of you, not worry about ads and marketing and just focus on treatment.

So when a marketing company calls and tells you, that not only will they run your ads for you, but they will get them scheduled AND do it all for $599 a month well that seems like a no brainer.

But the thing is in order to make it that affordable the marketing company has to sacrifice something. And most of the time that sacrifice is Quality.

Overseas call centers, filled with virtual assistants is the most common way, or perhaps they sold you on a award winning AI bot. But answer me this... Does the person in the halfway across the world, or the AI bot know exactly where your office is located?

Could they answer the question to a person making an appointment, "are you next to the bank?" Could they answer the question, "what the average number of visits?" or "do you take my insurance?"

Those are questions that have to be done by your staff, not because the person overseas can't learn those things, or the AI can't be programed that way, but because that personal touch is the first communication that new patient has with your practice.

Think about it. Have you ever gotten frustrated and said "forget it" when calling your cable company? You probably got one of two things, a.) someone who didn't understand what you were asking or b.) a recorded automated response system that had you screaming for a "REPRESENTATIVE!". Either way is that the first impression you want to make on a potential new patient?

So What Should You Do?

Watch today's video where John Nesbit & Kevin Nelson of The Customer Factory go over why if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. And what you can do instead to grow your practice the way million dollar practices do.

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