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Taking A Practice To The Next Level – Georgette’s Advice

After 38 years of practice, Georgette Braadt needed to take her chiropractic practice to the next level. The plan was not to add expensive services or something drastic like medical integration, but rather to do MORE of what they were successful at doing now.

For that, she needed measurable, predictable results from her new patient marketing.

Unfortunately, an endless line of marketers had failed her...some even ran away with her money! Frustrating!

But finally, she discovered the keys to working with a marketing company.

In the video, she goes over the strategy. specific mindset changes and criteria she has in choosing the right marketing partner.

Her success shows you don't need to medically integrated or buy expensive equipment to prosper.

Now she has new problems - like being overbooked with new patients!

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Dr. Tymothy Flory, DC
Atlas Brain & Spine
“The consistent leads have been a blessing through the Covid-19 pandemic - Not only have we kept open. We have actually grown. ”
- Dr. Flory
“Right off the bat, what I noticed immediately was the volume of the leads. Our show-up rate went up because of the training they did
with my staff.” - Dr. Narrell
Dr. Eric Narrell, DC
Restore Health Center
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