“Worth every penny - The Customer Factory got my practice 
80-100 leads per month. I highly recommend them. ”
- Dr. Hashimoto
Pricing & Services
If we accept you as a client you will be expected to invest $3500-$4000 per month including advertising spend.
If the idea of spending $4k a month to build your ideal practice has you clutching your pearls and gasping for air,  then take the blue pill and go back to struggling with amateur marketers who promise more than they deliver. 
HOWEVER, if you see $4000 and say "I'd pay that for something that works" - Then you need to see our program.
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Client Qualifications
We help good practices become great.
How many of these requirements do you meet:
  • You must run a purpose-driven practice where your goal is to help people.
  • You have to willing to charge enough for your services
  • You have to be able to scale up your delivery
  • You can't be a one-man show hanging by a thread. It takes a team to profit from a good marketing program.
  • You must not think you know everything about marketing your practice (after all you're on our site right now looking for our help, right?)