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About The Author

John Nesbit Owner & CEO of The Customer Factory

John Nesbit is the founder of The Customer Factory, a Facebook marketing agency focused on helping chiropractors save the US healthcare system with their superior treatment philosophy.

I started my career in internet marketing with an e-commerce web site in 1997. That was a year before Google launched. Since then I've had the incredible fortune to be involved in a string of successful online businesses that have allowed me to give my family an amazing lifestyle and provide funding to several humanitarian projects that are important to me.


In 2012, I began to suffer terrible health side effects, but thanks to extraordinary care from my friends Dr. Mike Carberry DC and his wife Colleen, I experienced life-changing results.


I was a new man! Inspired, I founded an online agency to help popularize chiropractic nationwide so others could find similar success with their health problems. I am compelled to get others to discover chiropractic’s unique benefits as I have.


I believe the chiropractic philosophy can be the savior of the US healthcare system. Therefore, I’ve decided to share what I've learned with all chiropractors. These are the hard-won rules (and a few trade secrets) that took me years and more than a million dollars in social media ads & research to develop. You will now get the benefit of this experience for free in this download.