You See Just Me... 

But I Have A Team 

Of Highly-Trained Smart People

Who Know How To Make Good 

Things Happen For You

How I build my team.

My philosophy is to hire bright, determined people, train them to be experts, and help them grow to their full potential. I surround myself with the best people I can and they constantly amaze me.  

Hiring. Only 1 in 60 job applicants meet the basic standards I set.

My Human Resources Division screens all prospective staff against dozens of objective criteria including:

  • IQ 

  • Personality (must be honest and service-oriented)

  • Aptitude (must have the ability to observe and follow directions)

  • Literacy (fast study skills)

  • Technical skill for the position

  • Affability (are they a "people person")

  • Criminal background checks

  • Reference checks (yes, we check them)

  • Past production history

  • Drug-testing

Training. Training. Training. We build team member competence starting early - and it never stops.

Once hired, staff apprentice while we train them on several hundred pages of internal management procedures and successful policies.

They each take a course in organizational productivity. (The only passing grade is 100%.)

Next, they learn HIPAA and online data security so as to protect our clients.

Then, they are trained as a specialist in their position in my Staff Training Academy using proprietary materials.


Those who will be doing technical delivery are trained in an additional separate set of guides and top-secret materials that detail exactly how we manage to get such consistent results for our clients.

Finally, we continue to advance their training to keep skills sharp and up-to-date.

The training never stops, so we never stop improving.

Meet My Executive & Administrative Team

Executive Vice-President for Administration - Rosaura Nesbit 

John's wife of 24 years and veteran administrator with a background in finance. 

Executive Vice-President Operations - Merle Stepler

He is an accomplished administrator with a degree in Analytical Mathematics, high-level training in data evaluation and all aspects of organizational operations. 

Vice-President for Human Resources - Priscilla McPhaul

She has 30 years of successful experience in Human Resources and has earned special recognition working in some of the most demanding organizations in the world. 

Business Development - Rob LaMontagne

Brilliant out-of-the-box thinker with decades of success helping people and organizations connect and grow.

Vice-President for Accounts - Tom Davis

Finance expert with 20+ years experience in growing solvent organizations by maximizing revenue.

Vice-President for Accounts - Tom Davis

Finance expert with 20+ years experience in growing solvent organizations by maximizing revenue.

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